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MSc projects

Every year we accept several students from the Vehicle Engineering track and BioRobotics specialization within the MSc Mechanical Engineering. In exceptional cases, we also supervise students from other MSc studies - if you are interested please see below the information that we require from you.
In the following you can find a list of available MSc projects, with starting date. Please first contact the daily supervisor to discuss the project.
For students interested in a longer research experience (e.g. if you would like to publish an article during your MSc thesis or do a PhD afterwards), all of our MSc Thesis and Literature Survey assignments can be extended with a Research Assignment in the same topic. We do not offer separate Research Assignments - only those linked to an MSc thesis project.


Description: The goal is to develop and implement a sampling-based motion planner under differential constraints to generate feasible or (near) optimal needle source channels for treating cervical cancer. [FULL DESCRIPTION]

Earliest starting date: November 2022

Daily supervisor: Robin Straathof, MSc. - BME, TU Delft / Radiotherapy, Erasmus MC: r.straathof-1@tudelft.nl

Modelling Traffic Volume Impacts of Shared Automated Vehicles

Description: The objective of this thesis for TIL M.Sc. students is to model a transportation network with private vehicles, public transport, and on-demand ridepooling, to measure the impact of the latter on congestion. [FULL DESCRIPTION]

Earliest starting date: December 2021

Daily supervisor: Andres Fielbaum, a.s.fielbaumschnitzler@tudelft.nl, in collaboration with Prof. Baiba Pudane from TPM

Predictive Safety Filter for Online Safe Learning

Description: The main objective of this thesis is to develop a predictive safety filter enabling safe online learning methods in human environments. [FULL DESCRIPTION]

Earliest starting date: September 2021

Daily supervisor: Luzia Knoedler and Bruno Brito, L.Knodler@tudelft.nl, bruno.debrito@tudelft.nl

Learning efficient communication policies for predictable multi-robot motion planning

Description: The objective of this thesis is to learn an efficient communication policy to improve behavior predictability in motion planning tasks. [FULL DESCRIPTION]

Earliest starting date: September 2021

Daily supervisor: Alvaro Serra, a.serragomez@tudelft.nl


We can occasionally accommodate (additional) highly motivated students in MSc projects or in ongoing projects before their graduation stage.

If you are interested in working on a project with us, please send us ca. 1 academic quarter before the intended starting date an e-mail including:
- a short CV (½ - 1 page)
- BSc & MSc transcripts
- a short motivation letter
- BSc thesis (PDF)
- any other information that might be relevant for the application

The motivation letter should state:
- what are you interested in? What would you like to achieve?
- the type of assignment you are interested in (more theoretical/more applied)
- whether you prefer a project at the TU or at a company
- the intended starting date
- your relevant experience (studies, technical projects, internships, hobbies, etc.)
- programming languages and related (C, C++, Python, ROS, etc.)

Past MSc projects

Ongoing and completed MSc thesis projects