Dr. Javier Alonso-Mora, Associate Professor

Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab. Delft University of Technology

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Applications from excellent individuals interested in a PhD or Postdoctoral position are always welcomed.
We have a PhD vacancy in our team: "Risk-aware motion planning"! In this PhD you will investigate methods for risk-aware motion planning among decision-making agents, using learning and optimization, and apply them to self-driving cars and teams of drones. --> More information and how to apply

Postdoctoral researchers

- Andres Fielbaum (2019-): Shared mobility on demand
- Nils Wilde (2021-): Multi-robot task assignment
- Breno Alves Beirigo (2020-): On-demand mobility with autonomous urban vessels (Joint with B. Atasoy)
- Jishnu Narayan (2020-): Crowd simulation in cruise ships (Joint with A. Kana and B. Atasoy)
- Xinwei Wang (2020-): Safety analysis models for self-driving vehicles (Joint with M. Wang)

PhD candidates

- Hai Zhu (2017-): Planning and coordination for teams of aerial vehicles
- Bruno Brito (2018-): Motion planning in urban environments
- Alvaro Serra (2019-): Motion planning for multi-robot high-level scene reasoning
- Maximilian Kronmuller (2019-): Predictive routing for last-mile on-demand logistics
- Max Spahn (2020-): Mobile manipulation in dynamic environments
- Oscar de Groot (2020-): Motion planning under uncertainty for urban autonomous vehicles
- Elia Trevisan (2020-): Socially-aware navigation for intelligent vehicles
- Max Lodel (2020-): Human-in-the-loop multi-robot coordination for Search and Rescue
- Dennis Benders (2021-): Robust and fault-tolerant planning and control for teams of aerial vehicles
- Luzia Knoedler (2021-): Multi-robot motion planning and task assignment in human-centered environments

Research assistants

- Gang Chen (2021): High-speed MAV collision avoidance [PhD @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University, advisors: Prof. H. Ding and Prof. W. Dong]

Past members

- Xiaoshan Bai (2019-): Multi-robot task assignment
- Michal Cap (2017-2018), Postdoctoral researcher, Shared mobility on demand
- Laura Ferranti (2017-2019), Postdoctoral researcher, Distributed motion planning in urban environments [Co-supervised with Prof. R. Negenborn and Dr. T. Keviczky] & Motion planning in urban environments [Co-supervised with Dr. R. Happee.]
- Jieting Luo (2018-2019), Postdoctoral researcher, Multi-robot Systems [Co-supervised with Dr. E. Steuer]
- Wilko Schwarting (2015-2020), PhD candidate, Planning for utonomous vehicles [MIT, main advisor: D. Rus].
- Tobias Naegeli (2014-2018), PhD candidate, Aerial cinematography [ETH Zurich, main advisor: O. Hilliges].
- Robert Ruigrok (2018), Research assistant, Automated Mobility on Demand

Past visitors

- Aaron Ray (2020): Multi-drone cinematography [PhD @ MIT, advisor: Prof. Daniela Rus]
- Alex Wallar (2018): Automated mobility on-demand [PhD @ MIT, advisor: Prof. Daniela Rus]
- David Fiedler (2018): Automated Mobility on Demand [PhD @ CTU Prague]
- Maite Lorente (2018): Reactive collision avoidance for multi-robot teams [PhD @ U. Zaragoza, advisor: Prof. Luis Montano]
- Hans Andersen (2017): Planning and decision making for autonomous driving [PhD @ NUS/SMART, advisor: Prof. Marcelo Ang]