Dr. Javier Alonso-Mora, Assistant Professor

Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab. Delft University of Technology

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I am teaching the course "Robot Motion Planning and Control" (SC42090) at TU Delft in Q3.

Student project supervision

I am supervising several student projects in multi-robot motion planning and control, navigation in dynamic environments, human-swarm interaction and intelligent transportation.

Examples of Master Thesis projects (not up to date)

Environmental monitoring with teams of robots [pdf]

Human-swarm interaction and control [pdf]

Decision making for self-driving cars in urban environments [pdf]

On-demand ride-sharing for smart public transportation [pdf]

Students interested in a project may contact me and provide the following information:

- Why are you interested in this project? What would you like to achieve?
- What is your experience relevant to this project? This could be past projects, past courses; theoretical knowledge or practical experience, related to constrained optimization, planning and/or robotics.
- When would you like to start and which courses will you have left by then?
- Is your motivation to do algorithmic work or applied research?
- Your transcript of record with past courses.
- Available day/times to meet within one/two weeks.

Past courses

Invited lecturer in the course "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" at TU Delft

Invited lecturer in the course "Intelligent Vehicles" at TU Delft

Mentor and invited lecturer at MIT 2016:
Duckietown: 2.166 Autonomous Vehicles

Tutorial on Multi-robot Systems at RSS 2015:
Optimal Control and Optimization Methods for Multi-Robot Systems

Teaching Assistant at ETH Zurich 2012:
Autonomous Mobile Robots


Javier Alonso-Mora

Assistant Professor
Department of Cognitive Robotics
Faculty of Mechanical, Materials and Maritime Engineering (3mE)
Delft University of Technology

Mekelweg 2 (3mE), office C-2-310
2628 CD, Delft, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)15 27 85489
Email: j.alonsomora(at)tudelft.nl