Dr. Javier Alonso-Mora, Assistant Professor

Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab. Delft University of Technology

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I am teaching the course "Robot Motion Planning and Control" (SC42090) at TU Delft in Q3.

Student project supervision

I offer several MSc projects in multi-robot motion planning and control, navigation in dynamic environments, human-swarm interaction and automated mobility-on-demand. [See below for application process]
Available MSc projects are:
- Distributed multi-task allocation for multi-robot systems
- Ride-sharing for Automated Mobility-on-Demand [see [PDF] and [video] for related work].
- Multi-robot motion planning for a team of aerial robots in dynamic and uncertain environments. Applications: inspection, monitoring or coverage [see [PDF] and [video] for related work].
- Distributed trajectory optimization for multiple robots with minimal communication requirements [see [PDF] and [video] for related work].
- Data-driven motion planning for self-driving cars in urban environments [see [PDF] and [video] for related work].
- Localization, mapping and obstacle detection for mobile robots [Requires experience/interest in perception].

MSc projects/internships with industry partners:
- Waternet: Navigation for an autonomous boat in city canals (Amsterdam).
- Mainblades: Automated inspection with aerial vehicles (Den Haag).
- Other companies on request.

Students interested in a MSc project should contact me and provide the following information:
- Why are you interested in this project? What would you like to achieve?
- What is your experience relevant to this project? This could be past projects, past courses; theoretical knowledge or practical experience, related to constrained optimization, planning and/or robotics.
- When would you like to start and which courses will you have left by then?
- Is your motivation to do algorithmic work or applied research?
- Your transcript of record with past courses, including which master & track you are following.
- Available day/times to meet within one/two weeks.

Past courses

- Invited lecturer in the course "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" at TU Delft
- Invited lecturer in the course "Intelligent Vehicles" at TU Delft
- Mentor and invited lecturer at MIT 2016: Duckietown: 2.166 Autonomous Vehicles
- Tutorial on Multi-robot Systems at RSS 2015: Optimal Control and Optimization Methods for Multi-Robot Systems
- Teaching Assistant at ETH Zurich 2012:
Autonomous Mobile Robots